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  I am a proud user of Creative Nail Design products which are extremely highly regarded within the nail industry.  Not only for their superior quality of nail enhancements but also for their reputation in not selling to untrained technicians. Therefore, you can be assured that your nails are being treated properly and with care and that your nail technician has been through the correct training, both technical and practical.

Let's be honest! Who wants, or even has time to sit in a salon for an hour getting their nails done?

Well you don't have to anymore… we can now offer the newest most exciting innovation in nail application for years - 'POPITS'. You can have Perfectly shaped, highly glossed, extremely strong enhancements in half the time here at Wendy' s of Warwick

Tipped or sculpted:

Full Set (French) £55.00
Full set (glitter) £55.00
Full Set (clear) £50.00
Rebalance (french) £32.00
Rebalance (glitter) £32.00
Rebalance (clear) £28.00
Add £5 to rebalance total for each week over 2 week period.
Nail Art from £5.00
Nail Enhancement Removal £20.00

When you want a break from your enhancements I can gently remove them with a soaking procedure in a professional product remover, leaving your own natural nails healthy.

Removal includes a mini manicure using the Creative system.

Getting used to your nail enhancements

Make sure you book a regular rebalance appointment with your nail technician.  It's a good idea to book a series of appointments at once. Try to book the same day, same time every two to three weeks.

Treat your new nails with care; don’t bite or pick your nail enhancements, this can lead to weakening or breakage and can cause damage and thinning to your natural nails.

Nail enhancements may take some time getting used to.  Gradually you will get into the habit of using your hands in a different way and the nail enhancements will start to feel as natural as your own nails. Remember your nails are ‘jewels’ not ‘tools’.

What products should I use on my new enhancements?

It's important to use Solar Oil daily.  Massage it into your nail enhancements.  It will keep them flexible, prolong their life and dramatically reduce the risk of breakage. When removing nail enamel always use an approved non-acetone remover as retailed by your nail technician.

Above all, leave the hard work to the professionals and let your nail technician manicure your nail enhancements.Let yourself be pampered!

None of the products I use contain MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) which is a dangerous chemical used in some nail applications.  As seen on the BBC's Watchdog programme.

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