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  What is a Brazilian & Hollywood wax?

This is the complete removal of hair from the pubic area all the way back to the buttocks leaving a strip of hair at the front. A Hollywood wax is complete removal of all hair. For female clients this also includes the area surrounding the labia as opposed to the modest bikini wax hair removal which follows the bikini line outside the pant line. This bikini wax is a much less intimate version of waxing. Many female clients choose a modest bikini wax to start off and as they begin to feel more comfortable with the procedure, they eventually find the Brazilian or Hollywood wax to be the most hygienic and thorough type of waxing.

With male clients the full Brazilian wax includes the testicles, shaft of the penis, perineum and butt cleavage.

Why choose waxing over shaving?

There are several benefits to opting for waxing over shaving and they include:

• The results of waxing will last at least twice as long
• You are less likely to experience unsightly ingrown hairs
• No cuts or scrapes from dull blade or poor technique
• Waxing removes hair from the root whereas shaving simply cuts the hair bluntly
• Waxing results in complete smoothness as opposed to stubble left from shaving

5 Steps to Brazilian Waxes

1. Removal of clothing - Obviously this can be difficult for the more modest of individuals but in order to wax the private areas they do need to be exposed. It is more common to be bare and allow the therapist to view the areas that need to be waxed as well as view their progress. Trust us we do this all day long, seen one you’ve seen them all.

2. Hair length - It is important to have a certain amount of hair growth for a successful Brazilian wax. You want at least 1/8th of an inch of hair. If you have greater than this amount your therapist will trim where necessary. If you shave and are thinking of trying a wax it is recommended you wait about 3 weeks to allow a minimum of 1/8th of an inch of growth or else the wax will not bind to some hairs and result in a poor outcome with stray hairs left in.

3. Preparing the skin - Your therapist will cleanse the skin and apply a thin coat of Jasmine oil. This is especially important when waxing intimate areas as the skin is thin and can tear without the use of oil.

4. The waxing - There are two types of wax that are used and include; hard wax and soft wax. The most common of which is soft wax as it is the quickest when used for larger areas. The wax can be quite warm when applied to the skin. An applicator will be used by your therapist to obtain wax from the pot and apply it to your skin. Your therapist will then use a white strip of what looks like thick paper to rub onto the wax. This white paper allows the wax to bind to it while the hair is bound to the wax. Your therapist will with one hand hold the skin above where the pull will be made and with the other quickly pull off the white strip against the direction of hair growth. Immediately after the wax she will apply firm pressure for a few seconds to the area where the wax was just removed in order to decrease the discomfort. Hard wax is used on the more sensitive, intimate areas as this wax only adheres to hair and not skin, this wax will feel quite warm going onto the skin but will not burn it is then left to set hard and removed without a wax strip.

5. Finishing procedure – To finish, your therapist will apply a tea tree after wax lotion to help soothe the skin, also resulting in you feeling much less sticky. At this point your therapist will use tweezers to find any stray hairs that have been left behind. This is quite common and they can be simply plucked out. And guess what... it’s time to get dressed, pay up and head off home!
Are Brazilian waxes painful?

There is a certain degree of discomfort experienced during a wax but each time you receive a wax regularly it will get easier. A great recommendation is to take a painkiller 30 minutes to an hour prior to your waxing to help decrease sensitivity.

What aftercare is required?

Here are a few things you need to know following your waxing:

• Avoid tanning, bathing and any activities for 24 hours following that may result in you sweating as your pores are wide open and more susceptible to infection at this point.
• Your skin may feel tender and dry following a Brazilian wax so applying a Tea Tree lotion is a great way to help soothe and rehydrate the skin. This can be purchased at the salon.
• Exfoliating for a few days following your wax helps prevent ingrown hairs and removes dead skin cells that may clog up your pores

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