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for all your beauty needs Hopi Ear Candling at Wendy's of Warwick
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Hopi Ear Candling £28.00

The process of Hopi ear candling involves a specially designed hollow candle being inserted just inside the ear canal. The candle is then lit and the suction that is formed draws the impurities from within the ear. The rising air gives the ear drum a gentle massage and also helps to regulate ear pressure. A small amount of ear wax is usually removed during the treatment. Once both ears have been treated a pressure point facial massage will be performed as you listen to soothing background music.

Hopi Ear Candling has many positive benefits and can help with a variety of conditions of the ear. These include:

• Tinnitus
• Sinusitis
• Glue Ear
• Hay fever and rhinitis
• Excessive ear wax
• General hearing loss
• Colds
• Tension headaches
• Travel sickness

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