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for all your beauty needs 'Liquid Sun' Airbrush Tanning at Wendy's of Warwick
    Vani-T Airbrush Tanning

Vani-T Airbrush Tanning
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  Vani-T airbrush tanning

Whenever you get back from holiday, the first thing others usually comment on is your great tan, or lack thereof. Tanning has been popular since the early 20th century, but the health risks associated with the sun’s UV rays have made maintaining an even tan -- much less any kind of tan – difficult, especially for those who live in colder climates. Enter indoor tanning salons, which became a popular trend in the 80’s.

Now due to the incredible results and zero health risks, spray tanning is taking over from sunbeds. Everyone’s doing it!
1 x Full body tan £25.00
2 x Full body tans £40.00
Get far superior tanning results when having 2 tan applications 2-3 days apart

Enjoy a rich, luminous bronzed glow all year round while your skin is hydrated and rejuvenated with radiance boosting power. This is a comprehensive skin treatment and sunless tanner in one! It contains no alcohol, artificial fragrances or other chemicals which may irritate or dry the skin.

Liquid Sun® by Vani-T® is the first sunless tan on the market to contain a remarkable Australian plant extract called Centipeda Cunninghamii from Cehami® plantations. This ancient ingenious plant extract has been scientifically proven to have amazing skin renewal and hydrating properties for more youthful, healthier looking skin.

Clinical tests show that it promotes cell rejuvenation and smooth, glowing skin. It is so much more than a gorgeous tan! Studies show it has potent anti-inflammatory properties so it's great for sensitive skin types too. No animal testing.


● Exfoliate before your treatment to remove dry, flaky skin that causes uneven tanning. Dead skin cells absorb more colour in some areas (elbows, knees and feet in particular) and prevent the application of colour to the fresh skin beneath

● Before tanning your skin should be clean, however, avoid high pH products like bar soaps that stop the tan developing (simple is a good body wash sold at all supermarkets)

● Do not apply lotions, makeup or colognes prior to tanning

● Do not apply deodorants prior to tanning (It will turn your armpits green!)

● You should shave/wax the day before your tan

● Wear dark loose fitting clothing to your appointment; tight clothes can rub off the tan

● Bring along flip flop type footwear to avoid the tan rubbing off the feet


As soon as you’ve had your tan you’re already looking like you’ve had a day at the beach but it’s going to get even better over the next 8-10 hours! So, to help keep you looking this way here’s a few tips for you:

● Do not wash, bathe or shower for at least 8 hours post application, ideally wait till morning this will afford your tan's optimum potential

● During this development time, avoid wherever possible the wetting of hands, for example, washing dishes, taking washing out of the washing machine, etc.

● Wear loose fitting clothing during the development period, there will be some residue loss  but as the formula is water soluble it will wash out of most materials, including bedding

● We do not recommend any vigorous exercise during the development period, excess perspiration will hinder the development of your tan

● Ladies - whilst your tan is developing it is advisable not to wear a bra

● Moisturize twice daily to keep skin supple and assist your tan and maintain its radiant glow

● Long, hot baths will reduce the colour of your tan quicker than showering

● Swimming - Chlorine will cause your tan to fade more quickly, just as with a natural tan

Normally, 5-7 days after application you will notice your tan starting to fade,
simply grab the phone or email us to make an appointment, have a good scrub,
and we will have you gorgeous again in a flash!

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