Gents waxing


Gents waxing

Gents waxing

Chest Wax – £35.00
Chest and abdomen Wax – £40.00
Back Wax – £35.00
Back and shoulders Wax – £40.00
Underarms Wax – £20.00
Legs and feet (inc. speedo line) – £45.00
Arms and hands (inc shoulders) – £40.00
Eyebrows – £20.00
Nose – £20.00

Ears – £20.00

Nose and ears £35.00 (save £5)
Brazilian (penis, sac & crack) – £70.00
Penis & scrotum – £65.00
Buttocks (inc. cleavage) – £40.00
Full body (inc. Brazilian) – POA


Please note:  Clippering is only offered alongside waxing treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a thing of the past that only swimmers, body builders and athletes are getting their hair removed regularly to have smooth skin. Waxing has fast become a popular treatment with a surprising number of guys preferring to have the hairs removed by waxing instead of shaving every day. This is one of the cheapest and best ways of removing unwanted body hair, because it removes the hair follicle so when hairs grow back they do so without the itching and stubble associated with shaving. Another bonus is you only need to have it repeated every 4 – 6 weeks.

I won’t feel a thing!! ………But seriously although there is some discomfort, most men agree it’s nowhere near as bad as anticipated and reduces even further with regular appointments. Contrary to popular belief this isn’t a form of torture created by the female species.

Please arrive freshly showered and bring a clean pair of underwear to change into. Don’t shave for 3 weeks prior to your appointment; the hair needs to be at least 1/2cm long in order for us to wax successfully. We will do any necessary trimming for you on the day.

It varies from person to person, but generally we recommend returning every 4-6 weeks. You will find that the more you get waxed the sparser the hair becomes.

Contagious skin conditions will prevent us from waxing the affected area until the condition has completely cleared. Skin treated with steroid creams within the last 3 months cannot be waxed. Clients taking Roaccutane must wait 6 months after finishing their medication before we can wax you. We are also unable to remove hair from skin that is broken, sunburnt or chaffed.

For 24-48 hours after your treatment you must avoid any heat and friction This means no hot baths or showers, sports, saunas and steams, (including sexual activity, sorry guys) oh and sun exposure (fat chance in England). Antiseptic cream is to be used for the 1st 3 days after your treatment, then scrub with an exfoliating mitt 3 times a week in the bath or shower followed by a slick of the cream. Both are included in your treatment. Got all that? Excellent!


This is a legitimate wax treatment. Please do not embarrass yourself by saying or doing anything inappropriate, as this will not be tolerated and scolding hot wax often offends!!